Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC), 2017 – 2018

Pastor-in-Charge: Rev Nga Mee Hee

Pastor: Rev Lim Jen Huat

PPRSC Chairperson: Mr Alan Wong

LCEC Chairperson, Finance Chairman: Dr Naville Chia

Lay Leader: Mr Wong Chee Hoe

Recording Secretary, Operations Manager: Mr Paul Ting

Treasurer: Ms Josephine Teo

Archivist: Ms Tan Wee Fong

Governance Chairperson: Mrs Stephanie Tan

Property Chairman: Mr Eric Loh


Chairpersons of Committees

Discipleship and Nurture: Mr Francis Fun

Missions: Mr Caleb Siah

Outreach and Social Concerns: Mr William Chong

Prayer: Ms Tan Annie

Worship and Music/ Young Adults/ Discipleship and Nurture (LMS): Mr Eugene Quek

Children: Mrs Felicia Ma

Youth: Mr Terry Tay

Mandarin: Ms Ho I-Hui

Steward (Mandarin Congregation): Mr Tan Boon Kheng

Steward: Mr Vincent Lee

Chinese Nationals: Pastor’s Office

Lay Ministry Staff (Youth & Communications): Mr Jeremiah Singh

Lay Ministry Staff (Children Ministry): Mrs Magdalene Wee


Honorary Steward

Mrs Dolly Chia


Heads of Organisations

WSCS President: Ms Emily Ong

Lakeside Family Services (Representative): Ms Tan Wee Fong