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Being missional

Being a missional church

Welcome to Agape Methodist Church!

We are a transforming, redeeming and anointed congregation of Christian believers who are committed to discipling all persons to Christlikeness.

We are passionate about everything we do for our Lord as we seek to bring our families, relatives, associates and neighbours to a personal saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So whether you are searching for life's answers or are a committed Christian looking for a church to attend, we invite you to take some time to browse through the various ministries and programs of our church and seriously consider joining us on Sundays to experience God in a real and personal way!

Sunday Program


8:30 am   
English Worship        Hall 1          

10:00 am   
English Worship        Hall 1
Kids@Agape              Hall 2
Mandarin Worship     Hall 3
Youth Worship           Hall 4
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Agape Methodist Church is constituted as a Local Conference under the Trinity Annual Conference of The Methodist Church in Singapore